Pravoman and migrants: our friendship

More than 2 years Pravoman is giving legal advices. Pravoman is a multi-platform automated adviser (chatbot) that provides legal advice, creates documents and helps find professionals or electronic services (government or private) for solving a problem.

Today Pravoman works with 6 platforms:

  • as chatbots on Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Viber
  • as apps for iOS and Android
  • as the web chat on our website

When we launched our product, we were sure that our main users were citizens of Ukraine. But after 1 year of analysing the activity in the product, as well as customer profiles, we found that we have a huge audience that also needs our help – migrants.

Lack of “user-friendly” relevant information is the same huge problem as for citizens as for migrants.

That’s why we are automatizing the most popular and important legals areas to help migrants assimilate easier and faster.

Now, more than 1.5 thousand migrants every day get fast and easer advices and prevention of violation of their rights. As result:

  1. migrants have positive experience of solving legal problems in Ukraine;
  2. migrants feel safety and mere confidence in different life situation;
  3. knowledge of the rights helps to eliminate corruption risks, as well as the risks of abuse during communicating with representatives of authorities and private companies.

How does it work?

Pravoman, as multi-platform automated advisor (chatbot), provides individual legal advice and creates documents using analysing of users answers. Our AI system analyse requests, ask additional question to clarify the topic and circumstances. Also, our advantage is that Pravoman not only gives the answers but also provides additional consultation to be sure that all rights in this situation are defence.

One of the most important feature is providing totally ready for signatures documents. According to Ukrainian laws, all applications and complaints must be submitted in Ukrainian language. That’s why we were working hard to help everyone creates a relevant document which will be accepted.

For us, it’s very important to support migrants in their everyday life, because the first steps of working legal institutes, defending of humans rights and rule of law country are our actions.
As the laws must protect everyone, awareness can’t be a privilege! That’s democracy and reason why our team wake up in the morning.